Another day in the life …

Inspired by my co-worker and friend, I have been roped into most likely my newest addiction: blogging.

I secretly hope that no one reads this because I know damn well right off the bat that my boyfriend can never know this exists, half of the social groups I belong to would scorn me and I may be fired from my place of employment in t-minus two weeks.

That is if I truely use this to be as honestly entertaining as I can possibly muster, which God knows will turn into a brutual monologue condemning every area of my life or potentially a hilarious portrayal of a day in the life of one sober and slightly insane young lady.

That’s right. Sober. Over two years now. You may have to refer back to this post later when your jaw drops in disbelief that someone who is NOT drinking or using drugs has the life experiences I do. Or you may just laugh at me, shake your head in shock / disgust and pity my misfortunes.

I am going to take you back, chapter by chapter through just the last few months, possibly adding in a few present day moments for your entertainment whenever I get the chance. Hopefully you enjoy the events of my life as much as I haven’t.  Now I’m debating, do I start at being stalked by a sex offender or when my boyfriend fought a family and their pitbull … we’ll just have to see …

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